Two New Ways For Bloggers To Boost Revenue

More than likely, your goal as a blogger is to keep on writing.  Unless you’re fabulously and independently wealthy, you probably also have a few ways to earn money for your efforts.  If you’re really smart and savvy, QUID is already helping you do that.  

If you’re not using QUID, let me break it down for you: QUID makes it easy for people who read or watch your stuff to thank you by using small amounts of money, either in the form of payment, a simple tip or a donation.  More specifically, QUID has created some super simple and easy ways for all kind of online content creators: bloggers, vloggers and podcasters to embed payment or tip buttons onto websites or blogs, giving you more options (and funding) to keep you doing more of what you love - creating.

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But how do you make sure you’re giving your fans an easy way to send their tokens of thanks while maintaining focus on your content?

QUID has recently introduced a couple of new innovative tools to help you do exactly that.

Do you know how James Bond always seems to be in the right place, at the right (or wrong) time?  007 knows that being in the centre of the action is the best way to achieve his goal of beating up baddies, saving the world from nuclear disaster, or (insert 1960’s male chauvinistic behaviour here).  Being front and centre is part of what makes him so successful.

It’s proven that people will pay for good content - content they enjoy and value.  If it’s easy and frictionless to donate, and small in denomination (think pennies), consumers are happy to pay.  However, if it’s not obvious how to pay, or if it’s frustrating, or out of their way, the likelihood of that same consumer contributing decreases dramatically.  If your readers or viewers don’t know how to tip or pay you, they probably won’t spend that much time or effort figuring it out.  Putting a payment or tip button in the right place, at the right time, is key.

Using QUID, in as little as 3 minutes, you can create a web payment or tip button and embed it on your website as easily as adding a YouTube video - no coding required.  QUID provides simple tools to customize the look and colour of your payment or tip button using their button builder, requiring only simple clicks of the mouse.  You’ll always be able to place a payment button in the right place, at the right time, improving the chances your reader or viewer will show their gratitude by leaving you a tip for what they’ve just enjoyed.  Click here for a walkthrough of the process.

In addition to being in the middle of the action, James also uses some cool tools and gadgets to help him along the way.  And where exactly does Bond go for his tools and gadgets?  Q, of course.

QUID also has a cool Q to help out content creators.  QUID’s Q comes in the form of a floating button widget that can be embedded on every page of your website.  Rather than thinking about where to put your button, or stressing about if your viewers will see it, an elegant Q graphic hovers over your content, giving your visitors a simple, fun way, to give you a tip for your content.

Like everything else QUID does, the Q floating button is simple to configure, customize, and install.  If you’re a WordPress user, it’s even simpler - the Q floating button is already part of the QUID Payments Plugin.  You can get a closer look at how easy it is to configure and use here.

Just as James Bond has kept his spy busting career going strong (for 27 and counting movies) by using cunning and some pretty fancy tools, you too can hopefully achieve the same longevity.  

You provide the cunning content, and QUID will provide the fancy tools.

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