Top Blogging tips of 2019

We are readers, and blogging fulfills an innate drive for us to share our knowledge and our passion with the world. In fact, you might not realize according to Wordpress, 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month. That’s a pretty staggering figure.

In this article you’ll find a rough list of practical help tips to spur even the bravest blogger among us to new levels of human expression.

1. Write to Educate, Entertain and to Impact Emotions

It’s no longer enough to simply write well in a niche as algorithms have adapted to limited human attention spans scrolling mobile devices, in 2019 more than any year before, you have to write articles with a certain emotional impact that can leave a lasting impression. Gut check, the best articles are ones you want to comment upon, that inspire or drive you to feel — something-strongly. Remember as a blogger your audience aren’t just your followers but must include SEO and algorithms.

To keep your read rate high and the bounce percentage low, whether you like it or not, dictates that your work must touch your readers to the core. For many bloggers, that will be their best work.

2. Discover New Ways to Receive Support From Your Fans

A blogger doesn’t have to go it on passion alone, why not be rewarded for your creativity and knowledge?

3. Invest yourself Completely

To be honest successful blogging likely will require more time, dedication, and some strategic planning than you first believe. If you are reading this, you likely already discovered this. To make matters easier simply do the following:

  • Know, understand and learn as much as you can about your audience
  • Write a mission statement and define your blogging goals
  • Ask yourself what you will bring the world that nobody else can or will?
  • Invest time in content ideation, creating a personal brand and optimizing content distribution by creating multiple lead funnels to your articles
  • Write the best work you are capable of as often as humanly possible (there I said it)

4. Write for Yourself At All Costs

If you are blogger you might see writing as your craft, a unique artistic endeavor where you are a channel for something to manifest itself. In psychological terms writing for yourself is a form of intrinsic motivation where you will not require readers (or followers) or monetization to enjoy what you are doing, and that’s when everything simply flows.

Writing for yourself means you enjoy it for the very sake of doing it and you do not need a reward, and essentially, that’s the most fulfilling king of blogging. Don’t lose yourself in becoming a blogger, but rather do it as an extension of yourself and your own creativity.

5. Actively Connect with Your Audience

As a blogger you are not an island, and your readers can be fresh perspectives of inspiration and interaction. Therefore as you share your articles on social media, comment back and thank them and develop rapport with your readers. This won’t just help you as a writer but enable you to develop bonds that might impact your success as a blogger.

Set your WordPress, Medium or other platform to allow for comments and reply to each one, this way your readers will know you are attentive to their insights and perspectives and an active dialogue with them will motivate them to come back and read your work again.

6. Build a Loyal Core of Readers

As a blogger it’s one thing to be creative and to write, quite another to build a tribe. But it’s essential you do so so as you retain readers and not just random hits on the internet. To do this think about building an Email list and some kind of call-to-action that is as frictionless as possible for your audience to keep up to date on your new articles.

Think about where your audience hangs out? Is it Pinterest, Email, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn or somewhere else entirely? The more you optimize your blog for converting casual readers into active followers, the greater regular traction you will get on your work. Generally speaking, one of the main benefits of doing this are more opportunities to earn a higher income.

I hope these tips are useful for you to be an even better blogger in 2019. Of all the endeavours we do online, few are likely to be as fulfilling as blogging.

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