Rules of Engagement: Six Ways to Capture and Captivate Your Audience

Whether you’re looking to expand your reach or hang on to your existing followers, these six golden rules will help propel you to the top of the search page – and keep you there.

  1. Stay in the know. Expertise in your chosen area of interest is one thing that can’t be faked. You have to do your homework. Remain abreast of what’s going on in your industry by reading all relevant news daily or even hourly. And keep your social media alerts on at all times. You want to see that gasp-inducing tweet first, because a trusted voice will break the news to his or her audience, not just report on it.
  2. ABU – always be unique. The internet is awash in content (drowning even), but much of what’s available to consumers is a regurgitation of something someone has said before. Offer a fresh point of view and you’ll quickly find yourself in the spotlight. Be mindful of your audience’s interests and values, always strategically aligning your perspective with what speaks to them.
  3. Solve, don’t comment. Readers aren’t seeking yet another opinion in the throng of viewpoints; they want someone who will take charge and offer a resolution to a current issue. For instance, it’s not enough to comment on the fact that the quality of merchandise available in North America is deteriorating. Followers want to hear what brands do offer high-calibre goods or where to find well-made and well-preserved vintage pieces. Weigh in on a problem with a viable solution and people will show their gratitude by returning to your page.
  4. Make your audience feel included. Calls to action are an established protocol in this arena. Inviting people to share or comment on your work is a proven way to foster engagement and build a community – the ultimate method for maintaining and growing a following. In addition to this, another trend has emerged and is quickly growing: Calls for donation. Funding a content creator (no matter how large or small the sum donated) gives patrons a sense ownership over your work, making them feel like you are building something together.
  5. Curate and connect. You are not alone in your field, and followers know that. Engaging with fellow professionals will boost their image and your own. Introducing your audience to similar content creators by sharing a post, for example, is a win-win-win. Your readers will become more informed; your peer will enjoy exposure to new patrons; and you will gain increased authority on the topic, making a valuable online ally along the way.
  6. Show face. Whether your area is fashion or gaming, decor or music, wellness or gossip, elbow your way into the inner circle and stay there. Attend as many press events as possible and dress for success; you’ll want to pose for every photo op. Build and maintain positive rapport with media professionals. The more visible you are, the more trustworthy an expert you’ll become in your niche.
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About Mary Levitski

Mary Levitski is a content creator with years of experience at national magazines. Her passions include decor, wellness, travel and food.