How to Monetize your Blog

When you’re just starting out with your blog, one of the main things you need to think about is how to make it sustainable as an exercise of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

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As online creators and bloggers, we want to add value to the internet but also to be recognized for what we do. Getting paid is part of this, not just for our work, but for our time being recognized as a valid side-hustle in our life.

But it’s 2019. Monetizing your blog may require much more work than you’d think. In this article, we’ll take a serious look at some of the main ways you can do that.

Your Blog is a Pipeline

Once you have grown your following and audience to a critical point, think of how you can add more value and re-target your existing fans. What about offering your services to your loyal readers? The best way to do this is to create an email sign-up to a course or a consulting service you offer in your field of expertise directly related to the topic of your blog. Your blog can be your funnel into being self-employed.

Offering a course for a fixed amount can also help convert new readers into loyal readers who might participate in future courses you put up. Building your email list also can improve audience retention on your blog. Offer coaching, consulting or courses to truly monetize the expertise you have developed through blogging.

Medium is your Friend

Medium is a blogging platform that allows bloggers and freelance writers the ability to earn additional monthly revenue in their partner program. It’s super easy to set up and highly democratic in how algorithms and human curators work together to bring an audience to your writing. While earning a few extra dollars, you can also use it to increase the lead generation to your Wordpress blog.

On Medium’s paywall your audience can clap from 0 to 50 times with incredible SEO benefits, and while you may not earn huge dollars unless your work goes viral, creating a publication of your own on Medium will help new audiences discover you and your blog.

Carve out a Niche and a Freelance Writing Gig Part-time Career

A blogger must not only worry about monetizing their blog directly but about becoming a micro influencer, which is the social media version of what bloggers used to say about creating a niche.

Freelance writing in your industry and topic of choice can also lead to business relationships and additional income opportunities. This can help you scale your personal brand across social channels that lead to greater online traffic to your blog.

As a blogger, you aren’t just the power of the pen (or keyboard)... but the ability to unite a community, develop a personal brand and a story about what you are passionate about that excites and informs people interacting with with their interests, lifestyle, values and hobbies.
To be a successful blogger and monetize your blog, you need to cultivate a personal brand, and what better way to do this than write freelance gigs about your niche in different places for pay.

Leverage the Reach of Third-Party Learning Platforms

Every heard of Udemy? Online course platforms offer visibility and help you monetize your courses, leveraging your blog followers and expertise into additional revenue.

As the SEO guru Neil Patel suggests, you can also use other premium online course plugins for WordPress, such as Zippy Courses, CoursePress, WP CourseWare, Woothemes Sensei, and so on. While not everyone can do coaching or become a consultant, making courses allows your audience to truly engage with you.

Establishing a stronger personal relationship with your following is key, therefore you may want to evolve your blog into a YouTube channel, develop a following on Instagram, and inspire your readers further, by sharing more about your personal story. When you establish a more salient personal bond with your audience, you create a fan base willing to help you earn additional benefit via your blog and your passion and the value you provide their lives.

Become an Influencer and Ask for Peer-to-Peer Tips

If you’ve established yourself as a serious blogger you will have created an online following and an audience of recurring weekly readers on your blog. At this point you are halfway to being a micro-influencer in your topic or niche.
Here you can utilize a combination of crowdfunding and micro-payment options to allow your audience to demonstrate the value you provide directly. At QUID, we’re thinking how the sharing and pay-per-use economy can help creators online monetize, especially bloggers.

QUID: The Power of Micropayments

QUID's micropayment platform will allow gifts even as low as 1¢ for articles, podcasts and donations. The idea here is that bloggers can monetize by implementing a wide variety of tactics -- yet even if your avid readers just contribute a little bit, it adds up without the need for advertising, sponsored posts and other traditional monetization techniques that take away from your blog.

QUID for Content Creators enables you to boost your revenue by adding micropayments easily to your blog. This means you can start monetizing your content seamlessly, charging between 1¢ and $2 or on a sliding scale. QUID has everything you need to accept pennies for your posts, podcasts, or anything else you create.

Remember, your blog has endless creative ability to help bring you an additional source of revenue. To summarize, you should be doing:

Blogger’s Checklist to Monetization Best Practices

  • Email marketing to improve audience retention and have special offers.
  • Create a funnel into additional services such as courses, coaching or consulting.
  • Develop a personal brand and reach micro influencer status that will help grow your blog.
  • Offer a micropayment plugin such as QUID.
  • Explore crowdfunding options.
  • Create a publication on Medium with some of your best articles to leverage incredible SEO.
  • Consider writing on Medium behind the Paywall in its Partner Program.
  • Consider hosting courses on platforms such as Udemy.
  • Consider creating a YouTube channel or Podcast that complements your blog.
  • Consider freelance writing to hone your niche and grow business relationships.
  • Keep learning about how to monetize and grow your blog.

Hopefully this article has given you inspiration and tips on how you can monetize your blog further in your development as an online entrepreneur.

There are dozens of ways to monetize your blog. Stay tuned for more tips and more information about how QUID is kick-starting the pay-per-use economy to support bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, non-profit and creative donations that support our creatives and our communities.

Finally, to monetize your blog you must think like an entrepreneur, build relationships, offer additional value and ask for tips without breaking the bank. Before you know it, you’ll be earning in a side hustle that will motivate you to do what you love even more on your blog.

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