Introducing the QUID Floating Button, a new way receive tips

At QUID, we take great care to ensure that users can make payments as easily as possible. But we also think a lot about improving the seller experience -- our goal is to get your from signup to accepting payments with the least amount of effort, as fast as possible.

While our existing payment options are easy to implement – typically only requiring a few lines of HTML – you still need to think about positioning and placement for every button on the site. For a large site with a lot of content, this could get tedious and burdensome.

Enter the Floating Button.

A floating button is a new kind of QUID widget that, when configured, simply hovers over every page on your website. This means that you don't need to think about button placement for every page, and your visitors can tip you any time, from any page.

Floating buttons are dead simple to install. Simply, use the configurator tool in the QUID merchant dashboard to build and customize your button, and paste the generated HTML into your website.

If you're a WordPress user, the floating button is part of the QUID Payments plugin.

Configure your floating button

From within the QUID merchant dashboard, click on the link for the "Floating Tip Button" to view the configurator.

The only field that has to be updated is the API key. All the other fields are pre-populated with default values or information from your merchant account.

The configurator will let you set the appearance and behaviour of many aspects of the floating button. These options can be set in the ADVANCED section of the configurator.

See our configuration guide for more detailed instructions on using the configurator.

Once you have configured your button, click on the BUILD button and you will see two snippets of code that need to be added to your website.

Place the first code snippet in the head of your website's source code.

Place the second code snippet in the body of your website's source code.

Most website technologies will provide a way for you to "inject" this code into your website without having to edit every page.

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