5 Widgets You Should Be Using On Your Blog

Making money blogging is easier when you have the right tools installed. Let’s highlight some of the best ways you can monetize a blog without Adsense.

First, decide what you want to sell to your audience. If you have a product already, skip ahead to the plugins. If you don’t have a product in mind right now, consider focusing on affiliate marketing where you earn a commission by recommending other products.

Landing pages

A landing page is a specialized type of webpage designed with a single goal. In most cases, bloggers use landing pages to gather leads such as email signups. You can also use landing pages to sell products. Specific products to use here are OptimizePress and Leadpages.

By building an email list, it is much easier to sell your products. Take blogger Pat Flynn. He has created an email list so that he can promote a variety of products such as web hosting, courses, and marketing tools. In addition, Flynn has successfully launched his own products: Power-Up Podcasting, Smart From Scratch, and Build Your Own Brand.

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Hello Bar

This clever product, acquired by Crazy Egg in 2012, is a simple way to gather more email signups on every page of your website.

Gathering email signups is critically important because it gives you the opportunity to find out what your audience wants and then sell to them. Unlike landing pages, which require some marketing effort to develop, the Hello Bar can be installed in minutes.

Online Payment Services From Your Audience

For your blog to make money, it needs to be easy to make purchases. Use QUID to accept payments from your audiences, starting at $0.01. This low payment entry point makes it easy for you to monetize your audience, even if they have limited income. Let’s paint a picture of what is possible to achieve with this blog monetization technique.

A variety of podcasters, bloggers, and other creative professionals gather small payments from their audience. According to a June 2019 article in Forbes by Adam Rowe, the earnings potential is substantial. Here is an overview of two websites making income through small audience payments.

Brandon Stanton. Earning a living through photography just got easier! Stanton has over 19,000 paying customers making online payments. We estimate his annual revenue at over $200,000.

Wait But Why. This popular blog by Tim Urban and Andrew Finn covers a wide variety of topics like religion and “How to Pick a Life Partner.” It has more than 3,000 supporters so probably earns over $100,000 in annual revenue. Contribution levels start at $1 per month and scale up to $5 per month.

Amazon Affiliate

As the world’s largest online store, Amazon has products in nearly every category you can imagine, such as cameras, books, clothing, electronics, and related items. By using the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, you can earn Amazon commissions when people click one of your links and make a purchase on Amazon.

Blogger Darren Rowse has made over $500,000 in Amazon affiliate commissions, proving that this is one of the best ways to make money blogging.

Sell Advertising Space On Your Blog

Once your blog achieves significant traffic like 10,000 or 100,000 visitors per month, selling advertising space will become more lucrative.

To make this process easier, use AdSanity to manage the ads. This widget is an excellent option because it lets you control ads as you desire. For example, AdSanity supports ad scheduling, so if you sell an ad for two weeks, this widget will help you to automatically manage it. In addition, AdSanity is flexible enough to support both banner ads you sell directly to advertisers and Google AdSense.

Making money by selling advertising without Google is a proven strategy. Matthew Woodward, who runs a popular Internet marketing blog, has made money through direct advertising for years. When he first started selling ads on his blog, it started small. As Woodward writes in his post “How I Increased My WordPress Blog's Income With Banner Advertising”: “I introduced the four 125×125 banners you see in the sidebar a few months back, which have earn a total of $610.” Note that the “125 X 125” refers to the size of the advertising space – 125 pixels by 125 pixels. Since that early success, Woodward has continued to sell advertising on his blog and continued to earn more.

Your Journey To Monetize A Blog

Do you want to learn how to monetize a blog? Use the widgets in this post to make it easy for your audience to buy from you, and you'll be well on your way to earning an online income.

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