5 Steps for Evolving Your Video Creating Powers

Our world is increasingly becoming a visual one; as sales figures for print continue to decline, and podcast listening figures continue to grow (but are often still not a mainstream commodity), video is constantly surging. In a consumer environment that features multiple streaming service providers, free online video platforms and many new cheap technological tools to create HD video – the future, and the present, lie with the moving image. It is no wonder that business owners are increasingly relying on video content to relay their message to their costumers.

And so, if you are considering joining the movement of video content creators yourself, either as a business owner or as an individual, here are 5 steps to help you navigate the journey from becoming a video novice to a DIY content generator:

1. Get Inspired

What better way to start the journey into the language of video creation then tuning into the social media channel of one of cinema’s most successful and groundbreaking visionaries of the day – Jordan Peele. On his Twitter account, Peele shares his inspiration for his breakthrough hits like “Get Out” and “Us”, as well as his reactions towards other films that are generating buzz throughout the web. His insights, political observations and artistic sensitivity are bound to help shape the attitudes of those who strive to make their way into the videosphere of YouTube and other similar platforms.

Credit: Twitter.com/JordanPeele

2. Learn Techniques and Theory

Now that you had some insightful moments and inspiration, you’ll need to start familiarizing yourself with not just the craft of filmmaking, but also the theory and practices that are at play when creating video content. Remember: a well-informed creator is bound to create more layered videos, which will attract more viewers and potential clients. In a multimedia environment where talent and earnestness about – being through is key. One major resource to consider for this is No Film School, a resource devised to teach aspiring video makers all they’ll need to know about, well, everything. From video planning and working with equipment, to managing actors on set and post-production, No Film School is a fountain of accessible knowledge for you to become a better creator.

3. Geek Out About Gear

Gear! That four lettered word which video buffs find so tantalizing, is essentially everything you will need, in the material sense of the word, to make your videos. Cameras, lights, microphones, even your laptop or desktop for video editing, all fall under this category. It is a figurative rabbit hole of knowledge and options, and that’s why it is a good idea to start with a reliable source, and read up as much as you can. That’s where News Shooter comes in; it is one of the biggest resources for news and documentary professionals, and has articles about cameras, lights and lenses that are enlightening and specific. With over 140,000 industry visitors a month, you’ll be able to get various perspectives about what people in the industry are working with at the moment, and keep yourself one step ahead of the competition.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

4. Learn From Fellow Video Creators Online

Youtube is filled with numerous videos where video-makers provide tutorials for various questions beginners have about making videos – these can range from the shooting stage (how to properly frame or light a scene, what would be the best equipment for a specific purpose etc.) to the post-production stage (how to edit a scene, what are the best transitions to use etc.) and branch out into most probably any niche issue you might run into. One such channel is Justin Odisho’s one; Justin provides a wide array of tutorials, branches out into interviews with fellow content-creators and even provides motivational tips to help support you through the process of honing your craft.

5. Apply Visual FX and Tricks

Now that you were able to make a video that you like, using the theories, practices, gear and advice described in the preceding steps, you can now employ some movie “magic” to your videos; have you ever wanted to add special effects (or FX in short) to your videos? Or perhaps to create a certain look or feel, similar to the filters Instagram users use? Then check out Video Co-Pilot, a website which features a plethora of templates, pre-made effects and tutorials to help take any video into the realm of the fantastic!

As you head out on this exciting journey of creating visual materials which will help your business or individual brand leap into the next level, you will most probably be interested in additional resources and ideas; remember that the community of video makers is growing rapidly and constantly and that it is very diverse. Use these steps to start off and head out into the videosphere and keep an eye for additional links that any of them might provide, and give them a chance. Just like anything in life, even video is more then what meets the eye!

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